Welcome  to  CocoRoco



Cocoroco is a multiplayer arena platform game, now in early access.


Between combat and platforming, players will have to select upgrade cards for their customizable Coco, to maximize the various advantages against opponents.

In each round, the loser(s) will choose a new, cumulative upgrade card, until the first team wins 6 rounds, in 1v1 or 2v2.








CUSTOM  your  coco



Bandana, Cowboy hat, licorne, santiags, small arms, big legs,…

What’s your thing?

choose and personalize your Coco the way you like it!









UPgrade  your  coco



Select cards to upgrade your coco.

More ammo, bullets bounce, toxic bullets, more HP, Cocomikaze upgrade and more ! 

choose what you want and gain the upper hand over your enemies !









map  packs



differents map packs can be selected by players.


each one with its own map and design.


Players will be free to choose, if they wish, and… fight each other!









in comming updates

current update :

beta v0.5

Comming soon :

New Card Upgrade

New Maps

New Map Packs

New Customisations

New Interface (UI)

New Sound/Musics

New traps

new world interactions







join  the  arena


REady to be the best coco warrior ?










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